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Shihan Shaji S Kottaram


President & Chief Technical Director, JKMO INDIA
Kata and Kumite Judge ‘A’ -Asian Karatedo Federation


Shihan Sasaki Toshiatsu

Shihan Sasaki Toshiatsu 1

Grand Master – JKMO
9th Dan, Founder President of JKMO



JKMO INDIA is a SHOTOKAN Karate Association under the direct instruction of Shihan Sasaki Toshiatsu, a famous WKF Referee & an authorised shitei Kata Trainer of WKF Katas. Shihan Shaji S. Kottaram (Asian Karatedo Federation Judge ‘A‘ in Kata & Kumite) is the President & Chief Technical Director of JKMO INDIA. Black Belt Karate International (BBKI INDIA SHOTOKAN) was established in India by Shihan Bonnie Roberts from SriLanka in 1975. In 2000 we invited Shihan Sasaki Toshiatsu to India and BBKI INDIA was renamed as JKMO INDIA under the leadership of Shihan Shaji S. Kottaram. Now JKMO flourished in India with Hundreads of Instructors and Thousands of Students.

Every year Shihan Sasaki Toshiatsu and two senior instructors of JKMO, (Sensei Daisuke Nanao & Sensei Shunsuke Sasaki) visit India for the official JKMO Training Camp for the Instructors and senior students of JKMO INDIA. We are conducting District, State and National level Karate Championships & Training Camps for the Karatekas. Referee clinics and Training classes for the Instructors are also conducted periodically under the direct supervision of Shihan Shaji S Kottaram, who is also an AKF Judge ‘A’ in Kata & Kumite. We are promoting Sports Karate and propagate the correct Shotokan Karate Techniques & Training. JKMO INDIA, welcomes invitations and attendance of all enthusiasts, regardless of their primary methodology. We focus on quality of Shotokan Karate rather than the quantity.

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SHOTOKAN JKMO INDIA Zonal Karate Championships

The father of modern karate, Master Gichin Funakoshi said

“The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants” 

9th Shihan Bonnie Robert's Memorial National Karate Championship

9th Shihan Bonnie Roberts Memorial National Karate Championship Pala 31 oct & 1 nov 2015 SHOTOKAN JKMO INDIA